CES 2017

Villea Design, subsidiary of Honda Printing Holdings, had the pleasure of attending CES 2017 this past week where we scoured the booths looking for packaging trends as well as exciting products.  Take a look at our notes below.  Also be sure to check out our Instagram  page for more CES package photos.


Grayboard (or rigidboard as some say) over-wrapped with art paper is still the most popular style for mid to high end electronics.  Larger products utilize pizza style corrugated cardboard boxes.


There is a focus on simple artwork with product imagery and colorful side accents.apple_esque_1_villea

Useing artwork to show the product in its natural environment is also common and effective (lifestyle imagery).


Diagonally or book-hinged boxes are starting to become more popular for displaying the product, perhaps as a way to provide packaging differentiation.


Many consumer electronics using case style injection-molded or stock packages.


Approachable, more natural materials, like felt, craft  board and plain corrugated stood out.


How does your packaging fit within the packaging we saw at CES?  Maybe is it time for refreshed artwork or materials?  Check out our next post for additional comments and insights.

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